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Speaker: Al Parsai (RCIC, DTM, MA)Author of 88 Tips on Immigration to Canada

This live webinar is in the Persian language: In order to travel to Canada, a foreign national may need an eTA or a TRV. US citizens and some other people are exempt from both. Regardless of their nationality, tourists may usually stay in Canada for up to six months. A Border Services Officer (BSO) has the final say in the length of stay for a foreign national, but they rarely limit the stay to less than six months or increase it beyond that. Sometimes you decide to stay longer than six months in Canada. In these situations, you may have one or more of the following options after entering Canada.

1- Study in Canda

2- Work In Canada

3- Restoration of Temporary Resident Status

4- File a refugee claim


Disclaimer: This event was hosted in collaboration with Parsai Immigration Services.