2 Days




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  • Human Resources managers and professionals
  • Recruitment agency employees and managers
  • Administrative personnel of Canadian corporations and organizations
  • Settlement services experts
  • Employees of immigration law firms and consultancy firms
  • Professionals who potentially deal with temporary foreign workers
  • Other professionals who are interested in this field



A bachelor’s degree in management or administrative fields is highly recommended. Alternatively, the participants with past experience in HR or recruitment may take this course.



Local workforce expansion in Canada has not matched the growth in the economy. Tens and thousands of new job opportunities spring up in many Canadian provinces and demand and skills for employees exceeds supply. Canadian employers had always been in need of more foreign workers to bridge this gap.


However, higher scrutiny on employers, rigorous government assessment of job offers, time limits on certain work permits and new compliance rules for LMIA has made the process of hiring foreign workers very complicated. Foreign workers, however, need special permits to be able to work in Canada. Certain foreign workers are exempt from a work permit under special circumstances, but the others need to obtain a work permit with or without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An LMIA is issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and a work permit by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Similarly, poor record keeping may not only lead to rejection of applications but it may also blacklist an employer from all immigration offices worldwide.



The participants of this certificate program will have detailed knowledge to recruit foreign workers, Federal guidelines over foreign recruitment, The Ontario Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act, point of view of other provinces over foreign recruitment, NOC – National Occupational Classification, Authorization – Who may work in Canada, LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment, Work without an LMIA under the international agreements and the Canadian interests, Work with an LMIA for low-wage or high-wage employees, meet ESDC standards, deal with work permits, work on LIMA applications and several other technicalities which are required to hire a foreign worker in Canada such the International Mobility Program.


Successful participants will also receive the “Foreign Recruitment Certificate”.



DAY 1:

    1. Introduction to the Canadian Immigration System (Foreign Workers)


  • Federal guidelines over foreign recruitment
  • The Ontario Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act
  • The Saskatchewan Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act
  • Exploring the point of view of other provinces over foreign recruitment


  1. Canadian Permanent Residency & Citizenship options for foreign workers.


DAY 2:

  1. NOC – National Occupational Classification
  2. Authorization – Who may work in Canada
  3. Visa, eTA, Permit
  4. Work without a Permit
  5. LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment
  6. Work without an LMIA under the international agreements and the Canadian interests
  7. Work with an LMIA for low-wage or high-wage employees
  8. Immigration and citizenship options for Temporary Workers


Final Exam 1 Hour

For detailed course outline please contact [email protected]


Attendance and participation – 30%;

Final Take Home Exam – 50%




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