Our bespoke service gives you training that is completely geared to your company, your systems and carries your messages.  Instead of being tied into a specific number of days for a training course, you can choose how much time to spend on any particular subject and choose when and how it is delivered.  If you decide not to have the courses accredited, this will save you money because there will be no fees to pay to the awarding body. From a 2 hour workshop on a particular topic to an entire, company-wide training plan, we can write and deliver training that is truly cost-effective because it is focussed on exactly what is needed.  It’s efficient because you are in control of who attends the training, enabling you to make sure that only those who need the training are released and that they are released with business needs in mind.


We will visit your company to familiarise ourselves with your work and to discuss with you what you want to achieve, the systems your company uses and the style that works best for you. We will then draft the training material for your approval before agreeing on timings and roll-out. We can even administer attendance if you wish. Course feedback will be passed to you at the end of each course and if you have embarked on a long-term training plan. regular reviews will be held with you to discuss the material, attendance, course feedback and whether the training is achieving your aims.

We offer a wide range of non-accredited short courses some of which are delivered from our training centre in Sheraton Centre downtown Toronto.